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Quality - equipment, installations and servicing for reliable Fire Alarm systems

Fully compliant Fire Alarm systems... BAFE approved!

Your insurance company is happy. Your Responsible Person is happy. Your people, premises and assets are protected.

Ocean has a long track record of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining commercial Fire Alarm Systems at competitive prices!

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    Better than British Standard...

    You'll suffer very few false alarms with a Fire Alarm system from Ocean. Currently, only 0.075% of alarms are false! And emergency call-out responses are well under half the time required by BAFE
    Your Ocean Fire Alarm system keeps doing what it is supposed to do... for years to come

    Approved & audited every year... we're always compliant so you are too

    BAFE accreditation Sovereign Fire & Security LtdNSI Gold accreditation for Sovereign Fire & SecurityFIAISO 7001_UKAS_URS Sovereign Fire & Security LtdSafeContractor Approved
    Professional service - honest, transparent quotes tailored for what you need NOT what we can squeeze out of you

    Commercial Fire Alarm Systems... that won't let you down

    The Fire Safety Order requires the appointment of a Responsible Person to ensure there is adequate fire protection in every business premises in the UK.

    Ocean make sure you do! We'll cover everything highlighted in your Fire Risk Assessment (FRA). So you don't have to worry about prosecutions and fines. As our work is audited by BAFE, we're obliged to keep up with the changes in regulations... and meet them! 

    This is an area where we stand out locally... we're BAFE approved!

    And is one reason why we only work with quality equipment we know inside out. Which is good news for you... because your system does what it is supposed to. Protect your premises, staff and assets.
    Year after year. After year.

    Keeping your system working... 98% of Fire Alarm scheduled service visits are kept

    While we can't promise to mitigate for human error... you can forget about annoying false alarms. And irritating breakdowns. We never miss a service visit unless you need to change your appointment. And we'll jump on any maintenance repairs before they become an expensive problem.

    Your professional service starts with your quote. Honest, transparent and full spec (no nasty surprises or hidden charges down the line). And ends with a fully compliant Fire Alarm system. That keeps you, your insurance company and your Responsible Person delighted.

    And... you'll be amazed at how competitive our prices are!
    Our focus is on keeping you happy... with a Fire Alarm system that does what it is supposed to do. And keeps on doing it. For years to come.

    That's trouble-free fire protection...
    Ocean maintains all our fire and security systems... They are very responsive to our needs and always deliver within the promised timescales. We have not always found this to be true with their competitors.

    They are also generally the company that quotes the best price
    Dominic Heath-Coleman
    Redstart Learning Partnership, Chard, Somerset
    Find out how Ocean can help with your FRA

    Quality Fire & Security equipment we know inside out and... you'll love


    Trusted for Fire Safety by people like you over the last decade...

    Acorn Multi Academy TrustAnd So To BedBallantine Wealth ManagementChalmers Chartered AccountantsCrewkerne Town CouncilFGP SystemsGarden House Residential Care HomeGoughs SolicitorsHarrison Lavers & Potbury'sibis hotelsPen Mill Infant & Nursery AcademyRedstart Learning PartnershipSt Michael's AcademyShuropodyTods DefenceWesterlyWincanton Town Council
    Fire Alarm Maintenance

    How reliable will our Fire Alarm System be?

    The disruption to everyday trading caused by a faulty system can be chaotic. Worst case scenario, it affects your bottom line substantially...

    At Ocean we only install quality equipment we know inside out. And maintain it properly. So it does the job it's intended to do. Without the hassle of faults and breakdowns every 10 minutes...

    To fulfil your duty of care to your employees and visitors you need a company you can trust. That's why Ocean build trust along with a lasting business relationship. So you're comfortable working with us. For years to come.

    What are my Fire Risk Assessment obligations?

    The FSO legislation states that the Responsible Person must make a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment (Article 9). Get this wrong and the Responsible Person can face an unlimited fine or up to two years in prison!

    The good news is Ocean Fire & Security can assist in getting the Risk Assessment done correctly and help you understand the findings and recommendations.

    Still researching? Click here to get advice from the experts on how to ensure your Fire Safety is compliant with legislation.

    What are Fire and Life Safety Systems?

    Aaah, more terminology and jargon! Very simply, Life Safety Systems are any interior building element designed to protect and evacuate the building population in emergencies.
    Still researching? Click here to get advice from the experts. Ensure your Fire Safety is compliant with legislation. And your Responsible Person and insurance company are happy
    Fire Alarm call points

    What should my Fire Alarm System include to protect staff and premises?

    Your Fire Risk Assessment will inform you of the exact requirements to give you a system that is appropriate for the building and number of staff. It also covers the Fire Extinguishers.

    It is essential to use qualified professionals to design and install the system to fully comply with the Risk Assessment and FSO.

    Ocean Fire and Security is BAFE approved and NSI Silver for Fire Safety Systems and Electrical Security Systems. Our certified designs are then installed and commissioned by experienced engineers, who are all DBS and Police security checked.

    From making sure the locations of the devices are properly labelled on the panel to interfacing with other equipment like magnetic door locks and checking that gas valves or shutters are working correctly. Even if your system was not installed by us, Ocean can still commission it for you to get it working the way you require.

    How important is Fire Alarm Maintenance?

    The British Standards recommend that your Fire Detection and Alarm System is maintained by a competent company twice a year (sometimes four times a year in special circumstances).

    All maintenance work by Ocean Fire & Security is carried out to the BAFE Scheme SP203 which ensures compliance to British Standards and all our service engineers are DBS checked to an Enhanced level.

    How does my Fire Detection System link up to my Intruder Alarm?

    You could opt for a simple, stand alone fire detection system but a sophisticated integrated system might be the better option.

    Talk to us about a system integrating Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection and Emergency Lighting - call 01935 475524 for your free site survey.

    Your fire alarm system can be linked to an alarm receiving centre and to do this and comply, it should have its own monitoring equipment.

    Do I really need a BAFE approved fire alarm installation company?

    British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) schemes make it easy for a Responsible Person to fulfil their legal obligations. Because, by using a BAFE approved company, you’re certain you’ve done your due diligence and complied. We will help you through all stages of complying - Free Survey, Free Quotes and Free Advice!

    Why choose Ocean?

    Matthew Williams MD Ocean Fire & Security
    Matthew Williams
    Managing Director

    In a word... relationships!

    Compliance can be difficult to understand but Ocean will walk you through it all, one step at a time.

    Ocean Fire & Security is dedicated to keeping your system compliant AND doing what it is supposed to. Protects your premises, staff and assets. Because we're after long term relationships. Not a fast buck...

    So our service is professional. Our prices competitive. And our quality is clear in everything we do.

    Our long and successful track record of delighted commercial clients, across numerous industries in all kinds of buildings across the South West speaks to this.

    All in all, it means you can relax... Safe in the knowledge that you will get the highest quality service that complies completely with regulations (at a very competitive price).

    Building relationships
    by getting 3 things

    right every time

    Quality installs and servicing - proficient engineers and office backup. Your projects run smoothly and your equipment won't let you down
    Competitive pricing without cutting corners - always compliant. Always great value. Always trustworthy and transparent... just like our quotes
    Professional service, start to finish - making your life easy and trouble-free. We respond rapidly to your requests, calls and emails. And stick to timelines
    Building Business relationships
    We have built a very good relationship with Ocean Fire and Security, with a high level of trust, who now are a valued strategic business partner of ours.
    Stephanie D'Albiac-Reay, Managing Director
    Labyrinth IT Solutions, Yeovil
    Find out how Ocean can help with your FRA

    Professional service so good we'll put OUR money where our mouth is!

    Service Guarantee

    Your 2-part Professional Service Guarantee

    How many Fire & Security companies leave you waiting? Or fail to turn up at all... and don't even call!

    Not Ocean... we are audited on our high standards. And hit them so often we're happy to guarantee them*.

    So if we miss your service visit OR fail to make emergency call-outs within the British Standard timeframes... you won't pay!
    I want my fire & security service guaranteed
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    4.8 out of 5

    It's easy to get started AND you'll love our reliable, hassle-free service

    Get in touch

    Give us a call. Or use the contact form. Our friendly back office staff are ready to help

    Dip your toe

    Start with a small job. 
    Maybe, your Fire Alarm maintenance and servicing

    Develop trust

    Once you see how we operate... a mutual long term business relationship comes next

    Your business relationship with Ocean will look like this...

    Quality equipment we know inside out. Your system is compliant to British Standards and reliable!
    Competitive Pricing. Like for like, full spec quotes we're often the best. Ask Redstart!
    Save money on endless call-out fees... efficient high-quality equipment, well maintained and trouble-free
    False alarms are never an issue. Expect a very low false alarm rate. Currently 1.37%
    Listen carefully to your requirements. Tailor your system accordingly. Cover your FRA and security requirements
    Honest full spec quotes for precisely the system you need. No fluff, no nasty surprises down the line
    Happy insurance company because you're ALWAYS compliant. So your loss adjuster has nothing to adjust!
    Emergency call-outs within British Standard timeframes - Guaranteed!
    Service visit requirements met. Guaranteed! Faults found and fixed before they become an expensive headache
    Service prices are fixed for 2 years. And then only rise by inflation*
    Serving the South West of England. 50 miles around Yeovil
    Reliable engineers who respect your time. We'll always turn up as promised or call to keep you informed
    Lower ongoging costs - quality equipment, better technology and regular maintenance keep running costs to a minimum
    Annual 3rd party audits from NSI and BAFE ensure our work is compliant
    Easy to switch to our reliable hassle-free service
    I want to find out more today
    No pressure... we're here to help
    Ocean maintains all our fire and security systems... always delivers to our expectations and often exceeds them. They are happy to work around the restrictions of a school environment, and always deliver a high-quality product. The engineers are friendly and accommodating and will come out to site quickly when we need them to.
    Dominic Heath-Coleman
    Redstart Learning Partnership, Chard, Somerset

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      We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

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